Arkon SR114 Travel Mount Deluxe Windshield and Dashboard Mount for Sirius XM

May 3, 2013 - Comment

Arkon SR114 Travel Mount Deluxe Windshield and Dashboard Mount for Sirius XM: Electronics

Arkon's SR114 Travelmount Windshield and Dash Mount is compatible with XM and Sirius Satellite radio receivers. SR114 combines Arkon’s Travelmount Windshield suction mount and a 3M Adhesive Dashboard disk. The Travelmount Windshield pedestal is a compact, super strong windshield mount that will not fall off of your windshield. Swivel and tilt adjustments allow for the perfect view of your XM Sirius receiver while in use. Wire catchers are built into the windshield mount body providing a neat way to manage power cable and antenna cable. The 3M Adhesive Dash disk provides the option to mount your XM Sirius receiver on your dashboard or console by providing a glass like surface for the windshield suction cup. Compatible with: AudioVox Xpress, AudioVox Xpress EZ, AudioVox XpressR, Audiovox XpressRC, AudioVox XpressRCi, Audiovox & Jensen XR9, Delphi MyFi, Delphi SkyFi & SkyFi2, Delphi SkyFi3,Delphi Roady & Roady2, Delphi Roady XT, Pioneer AirWare, Pioneer Inno, Pioneer XMP3 & Audiovox XMP3i, Samsung Helix, Samsung Nexus 25 & 50, TAO XM2GO, XM onyx, SIRIUS Sportster, SIRIUS Sportster 3, SIRIUS Sportster 4, SIRIUS Sportster 5, SIRIUS Sportster Replay, SIRIUS Starmate 3, SIRIUS Starmate 4, SIRIUS Starmate 5, SIRIUS Stratus 4, SIRIUS Stratus 5, SIRIUS Stratus 6, SIRIUS Stratus SV3, SIRIUS XM MiRGE


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