BESTEK 300w power inverter car dc 12v to 110v ac inverter dc adapter laptop charger notebook adapter dc charger ac adapter usb charger Dual USB 2.1A MRI3011BU

March 29, 2013 - Comment

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Whether you are at home, on the road, or any remote location, you can trust BESRTEK portable and backup power solutions, for the traveler on-the-go to keep your important devices power up.
Put BESTEK power in the palm of your hand to help keep you safe, productive and entertained, any time and anywhere.
This power inverter is ideal for those who frequently travel by vehicle. The 300W DC-AC Power Inverter with USB charging ports is designed for all major brand notebook computers, digital portables like video camcorder, digital camera, iPhone, iPod, call phone,PSP, DVD player & etc.

specification:Rated Power: 300w, Max Power: 350w , Peak power: 700w .
Input voltage: 12VDC, Output voltage: 110V~120V, Dual USB port output : DC5V, 1A rated, 2.1A Max totally .
Indicator: dual color LED(green -operation, red-shutdown)
Over voltage shutdown: DC15V-16V, Low voltage shutdown: DC10V-11V
Warranty: one year.

Notes:1. This product is for DC 12V use only, can NOT be applied to DC 24V.
2.It's normal for the inverter to become warm to the touch while you are using it, avoid placing the inverter in direct sunlight or next to heat-sensitive materials.
3. It is important to work out the electrical demands before purchasing this inverter. Since the inverter has fuse that trip over a certain voltage, using a small one to run equipment that requires a lot of power will not work.
A helpful tip whilst deciding on the car power inverter is to add the maximus waltage that each equipment will require if all were run simultaneously. To this total, add 10%. Get an inverter that can handle this waltage and all should be fine.


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