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Double Your DC Outlets

This handy, compact Car DC splitter will provide you with an extra DC outlet and allow you to use two of your DC-powered devices while you drive. Don't just settle for or work around one DC outlet; this splitter is an easy and convenient solution to using your precious gadgets and essential electronics in your vehicle !

Dual USB Ports for Charging Your Mobile Devices
1.This DC splitter features two built-in USB charging ports, perfect for charging your Smartphone, MP3 player, and other handheld devices.

The 1A USB port is great for charging your phone and other smaller devices, while the 2.1A port will supply a charge strong enough for your iPad and other larger devices. Both USB ports are located on the front of the unit, so you can quickly and easily swap out your electronics after charging.

2. Compared to most 300-500mA USBs, it shortens your charging preiod to a HALF.

Brilliant Design: The splitter's 26" cable makes it easy for friends in the backseat to grab a charge for their devices. Its sleek, polished black design will compliment any vehicle.

Technical Specification:Dual-socket power consumption – 150 Watts
Input voltage – 12V / 24V DC
Output voltage – 12V / 24V DC
Dual USB output – 5V DC/2.1A in total
When power's on,the Logo illuminates a stunning blue glow,and it's even brighter at night,can works as a jacklight.

Note: Please keep the other USB port free while charging your iPad and other large devices


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