Blackvue DR500 Vehicle Drive Recorder with Power Magic Pro Power Adapter, Car Black Box / Dashcam (16 GB, Black (Full HD))

November 6, 2013 - Comment

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Your Personal Surveillance Assistant Life happens quickly, but with the BlackVue DR500GW you can slow it down, rewind it, and play it all back to keep yourself secure in any event. True High Definition The BlackVue DR500GW allows you to capture full 1080p HD video at 1920×1080 resolution with 30fps. Its utilization of a 2MP CMOS sensor helps to provide clear daytime and nighttime video for easy license plate identification. This dash camera also offers super-wide angle recording as well as voice recording with its built-in microphone. Protection While Your Parked While parked, the BlackVue DR500GW will go into Parking Mode automatically. In Parking Mode, it will detect motion or vibration and begin recording automatically. No more hit and runs; whether you're around or not, your BlackVue will ensure your protection. Premium Design Follows Function Precisely adjust shooting angle with 360 degree rotation. 156 degree wide-angle lens provides a wider perspective of what happens on the road. Durable design with imporved ventilation for better performance in high temperature environments. Multiple Recording Options 'Normal Recording' records continuously with Voice Guide. When memory card is full new videos automatially overwrite the oldest ones. 'Event Recording' records impacts when driving or parked. With the built in high sensitivity impact sensor, the Blackvue checks all changes to the shock and acceleration levels of the vehicle, and records all impact events, 5 seconds before the impact and 55 seconds after the impact (adjustable).'Parking Mode' If there is no movement for more than 10 minutes, the Blackvue switches to parking mode, with a higher level of motion sensitivity of smaller incidents.


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