COMPLETE Sirius Satellite Package for Volkswagen with Full iPod/iPhone Integration VW

September 27, 2013 - Comment

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COMPATIBILITY NOTES Please read these notes or DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT. If you are not certain that your installer will follow the included instructions to the letter, DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT. Vehicle MUST be either equipped with, or have the ability to support Satellite Radio This package WILL NOT WORK WITH navigation equipped radios & radios NOT equipped with a "SAT" button Radios equipped with an SD Card slot are NOT compatible Otherwise, works with THESE VW's ONLY: CC 2009, EOS 2006-2009, GTI 2006-2009, Jetta 2006-2009, Passat 2007-2009, Rabbit 2006-2009, Tiguan 2009. This package is everything you need to add Sirius Satellite Radio on your Satellite Ready VW headunit. The SCC1 tuner, also Best of XM compatible, will allow you to control Sirius Satellite radio with station data display. Saves Time and Money – Cutting-edge technology and compact size provide huge advantages over buying and installing a new stereo with similar capabilities. In Most Applications Retains Original Vehicle Features – Advanced capabilities retain and all safety and convenience features tied to the factory system.i.e.OEM Satellite, Rear Seat Entertainment, and CD changers (please check vehicle compatibility notes) Provides Multiple Entertainment Options – Additional auxiliary input connects MP3 players, satellite radio tuners, DVD players, navigation systems and other portable media to the vehicle. Delivers Digital-Quality Audio – Direct connection to the factory radio ensures static-free, crystal-clear sound from the iPod and many other portable media devices. Enables All iPod Features and Functions from the iPod and the Radio – iPod Interface displays information and provides iPod control from both the iPod and the radio. Works with Multiple Applications – USB connection allows the gateway to be continually updated with downloadable firmware to work with the latest applications.


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