DICE DUO-100-BMW Silverline – BMW/Mini Trunk Connection

September 27, 2013 - Comment

DICE DUO-100-BMW Silverline – BMW/Mini Trunk Connection: Electronics

The DICE Silverline DUO is a vehicle specific integration solution for iPod, iPhone + Internet Radio Application and SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Internet radio is now accessible on the go with the Livio Car Internet Radio App running on an iPhone or iPod Touch! Data connections including “3G” or “4G” through wireless carriers, or a third party wireless Internet access point connected to our mobile device through WiFi can be used to stream internet radio.The DICE Silverline DUO includes everything needed to connect an iPod or iPhone to your vehicle’s factory radio system. The interface delivers great sound quality with balanced audio design and creates a seamless interconnection between the devices and the entertainment system of the vehicle. Text display is available on the radio systems where CD or SAT text is supported. The interface also delivers integrated control from the radio, steering wheel, the connected device or from an optional remote control. The DUO also keeps the iPod and iPhone charged and ready to go. To ensure that your Silverline DUO kit will stay compatible with your vehicle and your device, the kit is also firmware updatable via USB. The DUO kit also includes Apple Authentication. That means no annoying warning screens on your iPod/iPhone each time you connect it to the DUO kit. The mini-din input on the Silverline DUO module can also be used as an AUX input to connect any external audio device including non-Apple mp3 players, DVD players and more with the optional AUX cable. Please note that this utilizes the same input as the Sirius tuner so the features can not be active in parallel. Internet Radio: Full support for Livio Car Internet Radio (v.2.2.0) App running on iOS4 devices. iPod-like Browsing: Browse through all the available content as on the iPod or iPhone. User Updatable Through USB: Firmware updates ensure vehicle and device compatibility. SIRIUS Satellite Radio: Enables SIRIUS SC-C1 Tuner or other portable SIRIUS tuners to be connected and controlled. Balanced Audio Design: High quality sound, level matched audio output to vehicle system. Vehicle System Command and Control: Interface can be controlled from the factory head unit, steering wheel, or rotary controllers. Text Display: Song Title, Album, Artist, Playlist and Caller-ID are show on head unit’s display. Apple Authentication: Ensures full compatibility with iPod/iPhone devices (no warning screens). Charges iPod and iPhone Wireless Remote Control (optional): 13-button IR remote with shortcut buttons designed to allow easy navigation through folders, playlist, artists and albums. AUX Input: Connect any external audio device including: non-Apple MP3 players, DVD players and more with optional AUX cable. (Features utilize same port as SIRIUS, features cannot be active in parallel)


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