Directed Electronics XTREME 1800X 800W (Watt) Amp Mono Block Car Amplifier

November 8, 2013 - Comment

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The Xtreme 1800X 800W amp is one powerful amplifier with a lot of bells and whistles! Cool, platinum (gray/silver)color with black and gun metal colors in the middle. Large, embedded Xtreme logo! LED lights for power and protect status. 2 Left and right RCA inputs and outputs. Minimum and maximum adjustable gain dial. X-over dial from 50 hz to 500 Hz. Phase switch from 0 to 180 degrees. Filter switch from LPF to Flat. Bass Boost switch for 0 dB, 6dB and 12 dB. Heavy duty screw terminals accepts up to 8 AWG cables. 2 Fuses. Bipolar transistor outputs.


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