DIRECTUS TD43BT-HCPK Rear View Mirror (for Honda) with 4.3-Inch Display Monitor with TDCAMBAR Camera and Bluetooth

October 22, 2013 - Comment

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TD43BT-HCPK – Rear View Mirror (for HONDA) with 4.3" Display Monitor with TDCAMBAR Camera and Bluetooth – includes: Long Black Wire Cover + Cam Lock Adapter for HONDA. MIRROR Features: 4.3" Touch screen LCD monitor (wide screen). The TD43BT-HCPK is a high quality OEM Replacement Rearview Mirror with Bluetooth & Integrated speaker and touch buttons, Built-in Bluetooth functions include: Bluetooth hands-free phone, Incoming caller ID display on screen, Call History Log, Manual/Auto Call answering, (2) Video inputs with reverse camera input. Has auto switching video function for use with reverse (rear view) camera, CAMERA included: The DIRECTUS TDCAMBAR License Plate Bar Camera is included in this package system. Toll-Free Customer Service available on the TD43BT-HCPK system at 1-866-204-6576.


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