JL Audio CL441DSP CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface

October 31, 2013 - Comment

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JL Audio CL441DSP CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface: The CleanSweep uses a 32-bit digital signal processor to remove the factory adjustments, then sends your external amplifiers a perfectly clean signal. The CleanSweep connects to your factory radio's speaker wires, then takes the output of your factory radio and eliminates the peaks and valleys of the preset equalization, leaving a pure, unadulterated signal for your aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, and subs to work with. Your music will spring to life, with resonant lows, sparkling highs, and a realistic sense of depth and presence. Since the CleanSweep attaches to the speaker wire outputs of your factory radio, it doesn't interfere with any factory radio functions like OnStar┬« or hands-free calling. Use the two sets of preamp outputs to connect your new amplifiers, and build your system from there. Best of all, you can take the CleanSweep with you when you purchase or lease a new vehicle. The CleanSweep is simple to use. Once you've connected it, pop the included CD into your stereo, and the CleanSweep corrects the equalization in as little as 20 seconds. You don't have to adjust anything – the CleanSweep utilizes its built-in 120-band digital equalizer automatically, without the need for external control devices. The equalizer settings are saved in the CleanSweep's memory, even if you disconnect the car battery. Adds an auxiliary input: The CleanSweep not only improves your sound, it adds extra functionality to your system. The built-in auxiliary input lets you connect an extra source, like an iPod or a plug-and-play satellite radio to your system, and enjoy the superior sound quality of a direct audio connection. A remote-mount volume knob lets you adjust system volume and select your auxiliary source. If you choose, you can still use the factory radio's volume, treble, and bass controls as well.


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