Real-Time Car GPS Tracker

October 27, 2013 - Comment

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Real-Time Car GPS Tracker and Car Alarm System with camera, shock sensor, built-in microphone, remote control, gas to engine cut off and much more to secure your car to the fullest. This high-tech Car GPS Tracker offers the latest technology around and comes with plenty of advanced features that have never been seen before. As the ultimate safety device for your car, this GPS tracker offers a whole array of features which provide full tracking capabilities of your car, van, truck, motor bike or even your entire vehicle fleet. Track your vehicle on demand by simply sending a text message to the GPS tracker, and you will receive a reply TXT message stating the current latitude, longitude, speed, and time, as well as a link to a map on internet to show you exactly where your vehicle is located. On top of that, when the tracker loses its signal or is disconnected, it will automatically store the tracking position and alerts onto a micro SD card and when the GSM signals is restored, all the information will be re-sent to the authorized numbers or monitoring platform (server) automatically. Thanks to Geo-Fencing, you'll be able to set pre defined areas and when your vehicle enters or leaves a pre set area, you'll receive a text message, even better when the car drives faster than a certain preset speed you'll also receive a message straight to your phone. In case of an emergency, you'll even be able to remotely cut of the gas flow to the engine by sending a text message to the GPS tracker, bringing your car to a full stop until you remove the alarm status. Also included in this Real-Time car tracker device are sock sensors detecting impacts or disruptions. These can sensor if someone is touching your car or if a crash has occurred. Even better, the included camera can snap pictures when an un-authorized person enters your vehicle and send them to you for online viewing!


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