Boss Audio HIR9BGTA 9-Inch Universal Headrest

November 3, 2013 - Comment

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9-Inch Headrest Monitor
9-Inch Universal Headrest With Built-In DVD Player
Pre-Installed Monitor
The Boss HIR9BGTA headrest includes a 9-inch video monitor already installed right in the "pillow" section.
Built-In DVD Player
Enjoy your favorite DVD videos as well as CD audio and videos without having to go through the hassle of purchasing and hooking up a second unit with which to play your DVD/CDs through.
USB & SD Ports
CDs and DVDs are not the only compatible mediums. USB flash drives and SD memory cards can also be used to play DivX- and AVI-formatted video.
Front A/V (Audio/Video) In
The input labeled "AV" on the front of the device is an interface that allows the input of audio and video signals from MP3 players, headphones, and portable music players to any other devices that have video capability.

Built-in DVD Player
Interchangeable Leather Skin Colors
The HIR9BGTA comes with three interchangeable pillow colors to match the interior of your vehicle. The colors include black, grey and tan.
Dual Channel IR Transmitter
Through the menu selection, the HIR9BGTA has the ability send out two different signals for your headphones to pick up, channel A and channel B, as long as your headphones also have dual-channel capability.
For example, one headphone can pick up channel A and the other can listen to the HIR9BGTA. If you have another video unit, you can flip the switch on your second set of headphones to channel B and listen to that one.
Both headphones can be switched between channels A and B to listen to either video source by a simple flip of a button on your wireless headphones.
Headphone Jack
You don’t have to go through the Dual Channel IR Transmitter with your wireless headphones to be able to listen to the audio portion of your CD/DVD/MP3. If you have headphones that offer the standard 3.5mm pin-shaped plug, you can just Plug-N-Listen.

Technical Specifications Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels Display: Widescreen TFT Playback:
DVD±R/RW Video
CD±R/RW Audio & Video

USB & SD Ports
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Front A/V (Audio/Video) In
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Interchangeable Leather Skin Colors

Headphone Jack

AV Inputs
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Product Comparison Model Built-in DVD USB/SD Ports A/V Input A/V Output Widescreen Screen Size Color Resolution HIR9BGTA ? ? ? ? ? 9" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR8BGTM ? ? 8" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR7BGTA ? ? ? ? ? 7" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR7BGTM ? ? 7" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR70BL ? 7" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR70GR ? 7" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 HIR70TA ? 7" Black/Grey/Tan 800 x 480 BV7HIR ? 7" Black 800 x 480

What's in the Box Remote control Instruction manual Wire harness Interchangeable pillows (black, grey, and tan)


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