BV Tech MVR102 Rear View Mirror Mobile 4CH Car DVR with Two Cameras Built in , Car DVR with Two Cameras

October 26, 2013 - Comment

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BV Tech MVR is the ultimate DVR solution platform technology in automobile industry. The compact and slick embodiment that allows 4+1 DVR channels to be retrofitted onto factory rear view mirror is the first of its kind and is patented in 3 continents.
Driving with digital recording device makes extra secure for your life. Once you use it, you do not want to drive without it. MVR-101 is the market leader in MVR (mobile video recording) device. This is the first recording solution of modular rear view mirror that allows the best portability, and the best recording angle of any mobile recording device.
With Affordable price, MVR102 provided you 4-channel with two cameras build in. You can expend additional 2 cameras whenever you want.
Products Contents:
* 4-Channel Mobile DVR recorder x 1
* User Manual x 1
* Power Cable x 1
* 2GB SD Card x 1
* Scalability
MVR-101 Features:
* Automatic Start up and shut down
* Continuous recording
* Wide angle view reduces bind spots
* Back up camera ready
* Anti-glare mirror great for night driving
* Audio recording capable
* Safety glass mirror
* On-site play back for evidence
* Retrofit design for portability
* 4 + 1 Video Channels
* MPEG4 playable
* External cameras ready


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