Complete XM Direct Radio System for Satellite Ready Sony Receivers CNPSON1 + CNP2000UC

September 27, 2013 - Comment

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XM Direct for SONY – CNPSON1 + CNP2000UC Audiovox's latest car-only XM satellite radio incorporates a programmable adapter and the XM Mini-Tuner. Once the adapter and Mini-Tuner are connected, you'll be able to change channels and see programming information on your stereo's display. You can also use the compact XM Mini-Tuner with your XM-ready home receiver or in another vehicle with a compatible dock. Combined with the CNPSON1 in this package, your are ready to go with any satellite-ready Sony receiver. Before installation, this unit must first be programmed by connecting it to a computer running Windows XP Pro and Internet Explorer, and downloading protocol software for the in-dash receiver from the XMDirect2 web site. Connects Your XM Ready Sony Car Receiver to the Universal XM Car Radio Tuner CNP2000UC Connection cable for Sony satellite radio or XM Radio ready head unit Programmable built-in software Professional and seamless integration for cleaner install. Installation Overview: The XM MiniTuner, which comes installed in a docking station/car cradle, plugs directly into the Protocol Interface Adapter (PIA). The XMDirect² connection cable for your aftermarket car stereo (sold separately) plugs between your XM-ready radio and the PIA via a 34-pin connection. You must also mount the magnetic antenna on the roof or trunk of your vehicle, and route the cables inside the vehicle so you can plug it into the docking station/car cradle. Before installation, you must first download the proper radio model protocol from the XMDirect² website. This requires connecting your PC to the PIA via the supplied USB Programming cable and accessing the Internet. Note: You must have Windows XP Pro installed on your PC for programming the XM MiniTuner. This unit is not compatible with Vista.


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