Esky 7-Inch TFT LCD Monitor Waterproof Car Rear View Night Vision Backup 2 Camera System

October 5, 2013 - Comment

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– Professionally designed system with industrial leading components/parts.
– CCD camera with 2.1mm wideangle lens. This offers a super wide field of view angle at 120°. Most other manufacturers use 3.6mm or 2.8mm lens, the view angle is much narrower. You can see more areas by using 2.1mm lens
– Builtin 18 IR LEDs for over 20ft nightvision view.
– Heavyduty 20M (66ft) video + power cable with a waterproof aerospacetype connector.
– Waterproof camera body with a sunvisor and metal bracket. Easy to mount on any flat surface of the vehicle
– Rubber seat for video cable to go through inside the cabinet without scratching the surface.
– 12V 24V DC power input range to fit most of the medium to large vehicles on the road
– Allinone design to get rid of the bulky converter power box, very easy to setup.
– The TFT SCREEN has the switches to change between normal to mirrored image of the 2 cameras.
– Camera selection is done via remote controller or by pressing button on the monitor.
– Rear view camera is turned on automatically when vehicle is put on reverse gear.
– The most advanced part is that the 2 cameras can switch on in turn automatically depending on the status of your vehicle, like opening the door.
– Aerospacetype cinch connectors are used for all connections. This is more reliable and simple to install.
– Lightweight 16:9 wideangle view 7" TFT LCD color monitor with remote controller. Special heatventilation design for longer life of use.
7" LCD Monitor Specifications:
– Color TFT LCD
– 7" Brand New Panel
– 800 x 480 pixels
– Screen Ration 16:9
– Aerospacetype AV inputs
– Power voltage range at DC 24V
– Power Consumption : Max 6W
– Allinone power cable
– Display reverse function
– Operating Temp :14° F ~ 158° F


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