LIVUE LB100 HD 720p@30fps 8GB – Wide View Angle – Car Dash Camera Video/DVR Recorder

October 25, 2013 - Comment

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The Livue LB100 DVR is a compact dash cam with real HD quality video. It records HD 720p at 30f/s with up to a 8,500kpbs bit rate and uses micro SD cards for storage. Livue LB100 also has battery discharge prevention built-in, a G-sensor and motion detection in parking mode recording. A separate GPS module is optional. As Livue LB100 DVR comes with a battery discharge prevention device built-in, the camera shuts off when the voltage is less than 11.8V for more than 30 seconds. The Manufacturer is 10 years experienced technology company that specializes in optical and systems applications, exporting products to US, Japan, and UK. Android Application: download the free Winycam V300HD.


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