SIRIUS XM Radio 5 Volt Hard Wire Power Adapter Roady XT, MyFi, Xpress, onyX, Sportster

May 8, 2013 - Comment

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Free up your cigarette lighter socket with this hard-wire 5 Volt power adapter for SIRIUS and XM Radio plug and play receivers. This adapter works with ALL 5 Volt XM Radio & SIRIUS Radio receivers and newer SIRIUS XM PowerConnect receivers. The adapter features an indicator light when on and interchangeable plugs for both Legacy 5 Volt XM Radio receivers and newer SIRIUS XM PowerConnect receivers with the colored connections. This adapter comes with a 1 year warranty through Satellite Radio Superstore. This adapter works with the following receivers: Compatible 5 Volt Legacy XM Radio Receivers: AudioVox Xpress, AudioVox Xpress EZ, AudioVox XpressR, Audiovox XpressRC, AudioVox XpressRCi, Delphi MyFi, Delphi SkyFi3, Delphi Roady XT, Pioneer AirWare, Pioneer Inno, Pioneer XMP3 & Audiovox XMP3i, Samsung Helix, Samsung Nexus 25 & 50, Sportscaster, TAO XM2GO, SIRIUS Sportster, SIRIUS Sportster 3, SIRIUS Sportster 4, SIRIUS Sportster 5, SIRIUS Sportster Replay, SIRIUS Starmate 3, SIRIUS Starmate 4, SIRIUS Starmate 5, SIRIUS Stratus 4, SIRIUS Stratus 5, SIRIUS Stratus 6, SIRIUS Stratus SV3, SIRIUS XM MiRGE, Compatible 5 Volt SIRIUSXM Receivers with PowerConnect: XM onyX, XpressRCi, XMP3i, Stratus 6,


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