Swift Hitch SHO3 – The Portable Wireless Two Camera Back-up and Monitoring System

September 27, 2013 - Comment

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The new Swift Hitch SH03 offers the capability to position two portable wireless cameras in separate locations. Both cameras transmit to a high definition color monitor with a toggle switch that allows the viewing of the images from the two cameras. The SH03 features an extended antenna to allow placement of a camera in a remote obstructed area. This totally portable system is charged and powered by any vehicle's 12-volt socket, using the included charge cable, and will run continuously for up to 10 hours. The fully automatic night vision camera allows the user to hitch up in total darkness. Use Swift Hitch as a second pair of eyes to make hitching tasks easier Swift Hitch was first introduced in 2006 and is the original portable wireless backup camera system. The Swift Hitch's portability, reverse imaging and night vision capabilities have made this innovative product a valued tool. Swift Hitch's versatile system can be easily used by anyone who has ever struggled with hitching-up any trailer or snowplow. The flexibility of the Swift Hitch allows it for use by everyone from farmers watching their bins fill-up and other agricultural applications, to building and marine inspectors, chimney sweeps, equestrians, and a myriad of other uses wherever an additional set of "eyes" can come in handy. The Swift Hitch wireless camera system was designed to assist anyone who has ever struggled with hitching any style trailer or snowplow. Swift Hitch wireless cameras feature an effective transmission range between camera and monitor of up to 300 feet (100 yards) with unobstructed line of sight. Wireless functionality and an easily changed mounting position of the camera allows the user to swiftly see quality images at their desired viewing ranges. Patent-pending Reverse Imaging for safe reversing!


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